The Hypagasm - The Ultimate Orgasm

The Greatest Human Experience Ever

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Publicatiedatum:   22-03-2023
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The human orgasm is considered to be the pinnacle of human experience. It affects every human that has ever lived and remains the greatest experience in the known Universe. And yet there is a better way of experiencing this ultimate phenomenon. The Hypagasm is a neurophysiological process unknown to science until now, discovered over 15 years ago. The Hypagasm is a totally different type of experience, estimated as being much more than a power of 10, more intense and mind-blowing than normal.
The effect is felt greatest in the head, whereas most normal orgasms are highly localised around the genitals. The Hypagasm spreads out through the entire body, producing muscle spasms, intense muscle contractions and contortions and an incredible high.
There are vocal outbursts of complete profanity and effects that last much longer than normal; they can also become multiple. You also see the most beautiful black and white diamond mosaics throughout the Hypagasmic experience.
So why not learn how to attain this extraordinary biological neurological super high and dramatically improve your sexual climax through Hypagasmic Spinal Amplification (HSA)?

    EAN: 9789403605999
    Uitgever: Mijnbestseller
    Publicatiedatum:   22-03-2023
    Formaat: Paperback / softback
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